CHARMANT-Titanium Perfection is the flagship eyewear collection carrying the name and sharing the development and history of the CHARMANT Group, the number one manufacturer and supplier of titanium eyewear in the world.

CHARMANT Titanium Perfection embodies the apex of top quality eyewear. This premium Charmant brand features light, comfortable and flexible men’s and women’s frames that are seamlessly made of finest titanium materials. A winning combination of ultra-stylish design and functional excellence has made Charmant Titanium Perfection the No. 1 brand within the Charmant Group. High-performing, self-confident and cultured, Charmant Titanium Perfection appeals to connoisseurs of quality, value and elegance. The high-tech, contemporary frames inspire long-lasting loyalty in their wearers with their hard-to-find fusion of superb craftsmanship and comfort with eye-catching, modern styling.

The images shown below are only a small selection of the range.

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